When Horicon School District wanted to consolidate their district buildings into one, Wells was chosen as the precast supplier. The consolidation added a 91,400 sq ft elementary school to the already existing middle/high school and included a 16,100 sq ft renovation and gymnasium addition.

The school district wanted a warm and inviting design that resembled the marshy environment that Horicon is known for. Wells was able to provide precast insulated exterior panels that feature diagonal, straight, colored stripes to simulate the marsh; something that had never been done before to this extent as precast usually isn’t painted.

As with nearly every project, there was a strict budget that needed to be maintained. Precast walls are a cost-effective solution that helped keep the project under the allocated budget. With the help of Wells and our partners, Horicon School District now has a beautiful campus to grow and foster future generations for years to come.

wide view of school entrance with kids