When the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 292 chose to move their headquarters from downtown Minneapolis to Brooklyn Park, MN, they decided to build a new office building with more space for their needs. Wells provided the architectural wall panels for the entire building, creating an appealing aesthetic for the union hall and its employees.

The 26,800 sq ft building features thin brick walls on the front that include four different materials – two shades of thin brick, contrasting square bricks near the base, and a stripe of buff-colored etched concrete that adds interest. The panels succeeded in pulling together the different shades and textures while complementing the gray metal panel entrance of the building. The backside of the building utilizes unassuming charcoal-colored etched wall panels to tie the structure together as one. The new union hall is a sophisticated office for IBEW and its members to get business done.

IBEW entrance