The Williams County Jail expansion marked a significant milestone in its efforts to meet the growing demands of its community while ensuring efficient and secure facilities. With the addition of 112 new beds, the jail's capacity doubled, addressing the pressing need for enhanced infrastructure to end the practice of transferring overflow inmates to a Montana facility.

Wells provided the prefabricated building solutions for the jail addition, which included the architectural insulated building envelope and double tees used for the roof. Manufactured in an off-site controlled environment, the prefabricated building system provides durability, efficient construction and structural integrity vital for a facility of this nature. The combination acid etch, sandblast and water wash finish not only ensures a visually appealing aesthetic but also enhances the resilience of the materials against environmental factors and overall wear, further contributing to the longevity and functionality of the expanded jail. Wells supported Williams County Jail in successfully meeting the evolving needs of its community while providing a stunning facility that complements the community.

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full view of williams county jail
closer detail on williams county jail exterior