One Belleview Station

Denver, CO

One Belleview Station is a total precast office tower that consists of ground level retail and four levels of structured parking topped by a ten-story, 333,000 ft2 office building. Using total precast construction, the project includes 40-ft long, load bearing precast spandrels and precast double tee floors, on a CIP core.

The integral parking facility connects to an attached, exterior parking garage that also utilizes precast spandrels and field-topped double tees. Combined, the parking facilities, with one level below grade, cover 378,000 ft2 and provide space for 1,100 cars. Belleview Station, is a 42-acre, mixed-use Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

Sculpted ribbon walls of precast spandrels and glass are dramatically bordered by bold precast strips that picture frame the building. Ribbed panels surround the building’s top or “eyebrow” and also go around the structure’s lower levels, then continue around the exterior garage to create a projection and sense of depth to the building. The spandrels have subtle angles to them that control how the sun casts shadows on the structure. The angled precast panel design and contrasting, multi-tone finish of the ribbon-style panels animates the building façade. To see this project up close, take a moment and watch this video.

Precast Solution

Precast construction for the new structure was picked over steel during schematics. According to Gensler architect Jon Gambrill: “The spans of the building were such that we could have done precast or steel. We analyzed the cost effectiveness of steel versus precast and…we made the decision to go with precast that was cheaper.”

Paul Espinoza, principal with Fortis Structural, LLC, believes that the decision to use precast components was also based on the speed and efficiency of precast construction, as well as its durability. Precast, he says, “gave us the ability to have a lower maintenance, longer lasting garage. And, in the [office] tower we were able to get long spans and column-free design.”

Precast components on the project include: 294 spandrels, 360 beams, 263 columns, 771 double tees in the office building, and 790 double tees in the parking structure. The spandrels are in black, charcoal, grey and white colors, some acid-etched, some with form liner finishes. The office has three bays with 44 ft double tees on the outside bays and 30 ft double tees on the center bay. Since inverted tees support the double tees, the end bays remain column free. The garage has two bays, each with 60 ft double tees.

Key Project Attributes

  • Project converted from steel to precast
  • Precast construction meets aggressive budget, aggressive schedule
  • Construction completed on schedule
  • Never more than a 1% or 2% variance from budget
  • Precast durability lowers long term maintenance costs
  • Long precast double tee spans allow column-free design
  • Multi-toned spandrels cast with subtle angles to animate façade
  • Black, charcoal, grey and white colors with acid-etched and form liner finishes
  • Ribbons of precast spandrels bordered by picture frame strips
  • Targeting LEED Gold certification
  • Locally produced, precast offers little waste, 25% fly ash in the mix

Project and Precast Scope

  • 4 levels of parking below 10-story, 333,000 ft2 office tower
  • Attached exterior precast garage
  • 294 forty-foot-long, load bearing precast spandrels
  • 360 precast beams
  • 263 precast columns
  • 771 precast double tees in the office building
  • 790 precast double tees in the parking structure
  • Precast inverted tees support the double tees
  • Office has 44 ft double tees on two outside bays, 30 ft double tees on the center bay
  • Garage has two bays, each with 60 ft double tees

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