How Many Points Can You Score in Precast Concrete Jeopardy!

You know how it works, the clue is given and you need to answer it in the form of a question.  No cheating, see how many points you can get.  Write down your answers and compare them to the answers listed below. Let’s begin…


  • Concrete for 100 – a laboratory test for compressive strength of a sample of concrete.
  • Concrete for 200 – a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that spreads into place, fills formwork, and encapsulates even the most congested reinforcement, all without mechanical vibration.
  • Hollowcore for 100 – prestressed high-strength steel wires wound helically around a center wire.

Double Jeopardy!

  • Wall Panels for 300 – the structural connection to a footing or foundation wall.
  • Wall Panels for 400 (Daily Double) – the exterior portion of concrete with an architectural finish, usually 3” thick.
  • Wall Panels for 600 – the removal of the cementitious surface to expose the sand and matrix creating a fine sandy textured appearance.
  • Double Tees for 300 – the connection used to fasten the sides of doubles tees together on a roof, floor, or parking ramp.
  • Double Tees for 500 – the process of notching the end of a stem to create a bearing point higher than the lowest part of the product.

Final Jeopardy! (remember make your own final wager of points)

  • Precast Engineering – the shear stress on a transverse cross section resulting from a twisting action.


Novice:                0-500 points
Intermediate:      500-1500 points
Expert:               1500-2500 points

Congratulations – let us know how you scored!  Hope you had fun scoring some points and learning a little more about precast concrete.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please feel free to call me!


Mat Boie
Sales – Twin Cities




Concrete 100 – what is a cylinder test?
Concrete 200 – what is self-consolidating concrete?
Hollow Core 100 – what is strand?
Wall Panels 300 – what is a base connection?
Wall Panel 400 – what is an exterior wythe/architectural wythe?
Wall Panel 600 – what is acid etching?
Double Tees 300 – what is a flange connector?
Double Tees 300 – what is a dapped end?
Precast Engineering – what is torsional stress?