Island Resort Hotel & Water Park

Harris, MI

This past June, Wells announced the availability of its Infinite Facade product and partnership with Clark Pacific in the Facades Consortium Group, LLC.  One of our current projects is utilizing this single source complete building envelope system for an expansion to an upper Michigan resort and casino.

The Hannahville Indian Community Tribal Council approved a $30 million expansion of the Island Resort and Casino to include over 100 hotel rooms. Citing high customer demand, the council says the new addition will be connected to the south end of the current 11-story Palm Tower, complete with three guest elevators and a lobby. A high-end dining venue, as well as convention space are planned for the top floor. The expansion also includes a pool with a water park.

Engineering, design and offsite prefabrication is ongoing, while onsite construction originally began in June 2020 with expected completion during the 2021 calendar year.

Wells is currently in the prefabrication phase of this total precast project includes 100,000 sq. ft of precast floor and roof deck as well as 75,000 sq. ft of exterior enclosure panels and 147 preinstalled windows.

The benefits offered by total precast concrete systems add a variety of assets to the owner’s, architect’s, general contractor’s, and structural engineer’s bottom lines — and ultimately benefit the end user with accelerated occupancy. The system provides an efficient design, cost effectiveness and a strong, durable appearance that will maintain its image throughout a long service life.

Precast aided the structure’s appearance by providing a way to match the existing design of the building, lending itself to incorporating acid etch and sandblast finishes used on the casino addition in an economical way.

Schedule and budget were extremely important to the design team and therefore Infinite Facade was selected as the primary building enclosure system because of its inherent benefits recognized by the team.  The system accelerates the construction schedule with the implementation of preinstalled windows, sprayfoam, and a drywall ready substrate, while reducing trades on-site and providing instant enclosure. This allows interior construction to start sooner during cold Midwestern winters. Factory-installed insulation provides the required thermal barrier needed in this climate zone.

The lightweight systems provides an additional benefit to Wells Concrete and its partners as Wells is able to travel outside its normal radius as this cost-effective system allows an expanded market reach.

ER Post Truss

A unique system used on the site is the ER Post Truss, a patented design that provides the answer to the age-old problem of designing mixed-use buildings. These spans provide complete flexibility in exterior cladding. An array of possibilities in architectural precast cladding as well as full height glass exteriors are made possible with this system. They also have the ability to provide large open floor plan areas in buildings where tight floor-to-floor heights are typical.  As a fire resistant product, this system is ideal for mixed-use and hospitality occupancies. The truss system on this project supports multiple levels of hollowcore plank and double tees.


Part of the complete building envelope system includes preistalled windows into the Infinite Facade panels. Wells sourced a high quality, proven exterior window system for this project and will preinstall at our manufacturing facility under controlled environments, increasing the quality of installation,  further reducing job-site impacts as well as ensuring faster enclosure schedules. The panel and window system is engineered as a single solution. The design and detailing of the window connections are done as part of the exterior cladding package, so details are coordinated and included in one exterior enclosure submittal.